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FanSource Dorian Kingi Tranquility
Price: $5.99
Dorian Kingi

Since the dawn of time war has molded history, but ask yourself at what cost ...

In the Korean War of 1952, a young Korean girl and an American Soldier find themselves lost between heaven and earth. Through conversations, the two discover that they have been a part of a battle which will change their lives forever ...

Director: Dorian Kingi
Writer: Michael Castaneda
Stars: Jesse Erwin, Megan Lee and Jerry Ying

"Tranquility" is a stunning and thought provoking award-winning short film directed and co-produced by Lindsay Wagner's son Dorian Kingi. The film won the Award of Merit at the 2008 Accolade Awards. Accolade Awards go to those filmmakers, television producers, videographers and new media creators who produce fresh, standout productions. It is a showcase for cinematic gems and unique voices. The Accolade recognizes producers, established and emerging, who demonstrate exceptional achievement in craft and creativity. Undiscovered and first-time producers are often recognized.


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