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FanSource occasionally spearheads various projects encouraging fans to become a part of. Here are our recent fundraising projects, we invite our visitors to check back for upcoming projects.

In the early 1990s, as the William Holden Wildlife Foundation's rural library project was just beginning, very close friends of Stefanie donated enough funds to the William Holden Wildlife Foundation for a library to be built at the Nyariginu Primary School, and the library was officially opened in Sept. of 1995. The headmasters at the school have since credited the WHWF's library and the lessons that the foundation's education coordinators bring to the school for increasing the number of scholarships their students have received.

In June of this year Stefanie visited the school while she was in Kenya and the headmaster showed her, along with her guests that consisted of board members of the foundation, the condition of the current kitchen that they use for the students. The word 'kitchen' in no way describes what this is - what it truly is is a hut that is falling apart and inside there is a hole in the ground that they fill with wood to cook, and then place the pots on top. Below are photos of the outside of the building, and the inside where they currently cook their meals.

Before Stefanie left Kenya in June, she was already working on finding the funds to build a kitchen / canteen similiar to what is at another rural library school - Guara Primary School, where a beautiful kitchen / canteen was built. Below is a photo of that kitchen / canteen building.


We are inviting members of Stefanie's official fan club, or any of her fans who wish to participate, to show their appreciation and support and to also honor Stefanie for all the work she has done in keeping William Holden's memory and legacy alive at the William Holden Wildlife Foundation. This is also a thank you to her as well for all the time she has spent meeting with all of our fan club members after performances of Gotta Dance this past winter in Chicago, and just last month in Cambridge, England after performances of 84 Charing Cross Road.

We are introducing a 2017 calendar, entitled 'For the Love of Animals' and are working on the final design. There will only be two hundred 2017 calendars printed, and each 12 month calender will include 12 rare, some never before seen photos of Stefanie, that were used in her personal holiday cards. Each month will have the photo printed on the page, as well as a 4x6 color photograph that you can then remove each month.

Each calendar will be personally autographed by Stefanie after her birthday. As this project is a surprise to Stefanie, she will not see the calendars until her birthday.

The cost of each calendar is $75.00 and this project will raise $15,000.00 which will be enough to cover the cost of the new kitchen / canteen at Nyariginu Primary School.

Won't you join us and help accomplish this project that will give students a clean, sanitary and proper kitchen /canteen and at the same time wish Stefanie a very happy birthday?

For those who wish to participate, you may use the below PayPal button or you may send in your check or money order made payable to the William Holden Wildlife Foundation for $81.50 (for US fans) and $85.00 for all international fans to:

William Holden Wildlife Foundation
Post Office Box 16637
Beverly Hills, CA 90209

Please include your birthday card to Stefanie along with a nice portrait photo of yourself. Once the kitchen / canteen is built we are going to have a plaque made to hang in the kitchen that shows the faces of each of the donors that made this kitchen possible.

If you wish to give this calendar as a holiday gift, please let us know. We would be happy to gift wrap your calendar in WHWF gift paper!

Remember this is a suprise for Stefanie and we will have photos of her when she is informed of our project, along with photos of her with all of your birthday cards when they are given to her.

Thank you for your support of Stefanie, as well as the William Holden Wildlife Foundation!!!

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