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FanSource will be spotlighting fans who have been inspired by their favorite FanSource Celebrity to do something good and we will tell their story here through words and pictures. Check back as more stories are featured.
To help celebrate the opening of Stefanie Powers new play in England, CINDERELLA, and to celebrate Stefanie's birthday, two of her official fan club members, Melanie and Katja, both from Germany, adopted a bongo in Stefanie's name at the Marwell Zoo, in nearby Winchester. Inspired by Stefanie's work in the field of conservation through the William Holden Wildlife Foundation, Melanie and Katja informed FanSource of their gift, hoping that while Stefanie was performing in the play as 'The Fairy Godmother', they might surprise Stefanie with their gift and all might visit the zoo together. FanSource contacted Stefanie's publicist, who arranged press coverage for this event. Somehow managing to keep all this a surprise to Stefanie, everyone did visit the zoo on Dec. 12, 2008 for a press event where Stefanie met her adopted bongo, and was even able to feed the bongos currently residing at the zoo.

FanSource Stefanie Powers

FanSource Stefanie Powers
FanSource Stefanie Powers
FanSource Stefanie Powers
FanSource Slash
Heath William Sammons
 Feb. 25, 1988 - Dec. 24, 2008
In the summer of 2007, FanSource received an email from Melody, the aunt of a 17 year old young man named Heath, who was going through cancer treatments, and was a big fan of Slash. Melody was hoping that Slash might send Heath a personally autographed photo during this difficult time. Slash did better than that - he called Heath in the hospital to lend him moral support during his treatment. In the fall of 2007, with Heath's cancer in remission, when Slash and his band, Velvet Revolver, were playing near Heath's home town, Slash arranged for Heath, along with some of his buddies, to hang out backstage during the concert. In the summer of 2008, Heath's cancer resurfaced, and Slash continued to keep in touch with the young man. Since then, Slash has remained in touch with Heath and his family.
Dec. 24, 2008 Update: Heath passed away this morning. His family wishes to thank all their friends for their support and friendship to Heath, and a special thanks to Slash.

Dec. 5, 2008 Update: Heath's family is asking all their family and friends to please keep Heath in their prayers.

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